Infrastructure and Facilities

Department has sufficient class room, also has common miniprojector class room & Seminar Hall. There are four well equipped laboratories.

Department Library:

The library is equipped with 250 books journals and student project reports, for quick reference for both students and staff. 

Laboratories with UPS support:

Name of the Labs:

  1. Electronics Lab
  2. Digital Lab
  3. Computer Lab
  4. Servicing Lab

Major Equipments available in various Laboratories:

  • Tektronics Digital CROs, Fiber Optics Kits, signal Generators, LCR meter
  • Printers and scanners, 8051Micro-controller kits with interfaces, Analog CRO, Digital Communication Kits, ARM controller kits with interfaces, FPGA Kits with its interfaces, Digital trainer Kits, PLC Kit with its interfaces.

Facilities for Students:

  1. Department Student Association for Technical activities
  2. Sponsoring for Projects, Paper Presentations
  3. Sponsorship from Various Organizations for projects

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