Infrastructure and Facilities

  • COMPUTER LAB with 18 PCs & UPS and required furniture‚Äôs.
  • POLYMER PROCESSING LAB   1.Two roll mixer, 2.Intermixer, 3.calander, 4.Extruder, 5.Autoclave, 6.Hydraulic press, 7. Automatic injection moulding M/c, 8.Hand operated injection moulding M/c
  • POLYMER TESTING LAB  1.UTM M/c ,2.HDT Tester, 3.VST Tester, 4.opacity Tester, 5. Density Tester 6. Izode impact tester , 7. Falling dart Tester , 8. Flexometer Tester, 9.Abrasion Tester
  • POLYMER SCIENCE LAB 1. Electronic weighing scale
    2. Pour point and cloud point apparatus.
    3. Red wood viscometer
    4. Ostwald viscometer
    5. Carbon Residue apparatus
    6. Flash and Fire point apparatus
    7. Distilled water apparatus
    8. Hot plates
    9. Hot water bath
    10. Muffle Furnance.

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