Infrastructure and Facilities

One LCD Projector, Two classrooms, central seminar hall & edusat lab.& Mechanical operations Lab, Momentum Transfer Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Mass Transfer Lab,& Technical Analysis cum Chemistry Lab.

Departmental Library

We have 250 reference books and chemical weekly.

Laboratories with UPS 


  • Cmputer Lab with 17 PCs & UPS and required furniture‚Äôs.
  • Mechanical Operation Lab
  • Momentum Transfer Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Mass Transfer Lab
  • Technical Analysis Lab

Major equipments and Software tools in Lab 

i) Mechanical Operation Lab 

1. Leaf filter
2. Plate and Frame filter press.
3. Batch Centrifuge
4. I C I Sedimentation
5. Air Permeability
6. Jaw crusher
7. Drop weight crusher
8. Ball mill
9. Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker With sieves
10. Hot air Oven.

ii) Momentum Transfer Lab

1. Orifice Meter
2. Venture Meter
3. Weirs and Notches
4. Pitot Tube
5. Pressure drop in pipes
6. Fluidization
7. Centrifugal pump
8. Frictional loss in helical coils
9. Frictional losses in pipe fittings
10. Reynolds experiment
11. Rota meter

iii) Heat Transfer Lab :

1. Double pipe heat exchanger.
2. Bare and finned tube heat exchanger.
3. Horizontal condenser.
4. Vertical condenser.
5. Heat transfer through coils.
6. Thermal conductivity of l bar.
7. . Heat losses by natural convection and radiation temperature
8. Natural and forced convection.
9. Heat transfer through composite wall.
10. Steam Boiler.

iv) Mass Transfer Lab :

1. Simple distillation..
2. Steam distillation
3. Packed bed distillation.
4. Tray dryer.
5. Vacuum dryer
6. Surface evaporation
7. Simple Diffusion.
8. Bottle Shaker With a capacity of 16 bottles of 250 ml
9. Leaching

v) Technical Analysis Lab :

1. Electronic weighing scale
2. Pour point and cloud point apparatus.
3. Red wood viscometer
4. Ostwald viscometer
5. Carbon Residue apparatus
6. Flash and Fire point apparatus
7. Distilled water apparatus
8. Hot plates
9. Hot water bath
10. Muffle Furnance.

Facility for students

Technical activities, Sponsoring projects, Edusat, Technical Activities, Department Association etc

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