CDTP Scheme

Scheme of Community Development Through Polytechnics (CDTP) 

The polytechnic is one of the polytechnics selected for Community Development Through Polytechnic (CDTP) scheme by Ministry of Human Resource Development. Through this scheme we provide a community-Institute interface so that Science and Technology inputs can be transferred to the community through skills training, technology transfer and organization of support services. The rural community deserves a fair share of benefits from the investments in technical education system. Under this scheme we cover 30 villages though our main center and the extension centers located at the following places places.

1) Yekkar Village 2) Ajar Village 3) KanchinadkaPadavu, Yeera Village 4) Kavoor Village 5) Vogga Village 6) B.C.Road 7) Kadambodi Village 8) Shakthinagar 9) Bappanadu, Mulki.

The Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics (CDTP) was initiated in the XI Plan Period and is presently mandated to continue till the end of XII Plan Period.

CDTP scheme envisages providing non formal, short term, employment oriented skill development programmes, through AICTE approved Polytechnics, to various sections of the community, particularly the rural, unorganized & disadvantaged sections of the society, to enable them to obtain gainful self / wage employment. Duration of training usually ranges from three to six months. These courses are be offered by the Polytechnics in their premises, as well as through extension centres, e set up in nearby locations, from where, these courses can be offered to the local community. No fees is charged from the trainees under this Scheme and there is no restriction of age and qualification for the trainees.


Youth Red Cross Co-Ordinator:

Sri. Takappa Chavhan,

Selection Grade Lecturer, Automobile Department

Karnataka Govt Polytechnic, Mangalore

Mobile: 9880719412


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