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“A sound mind is a sound body”. In this direction, the sports unit of KPT Mangalore is striving with tooth and nail to cultivate sportsmanship along with regular academic activities and to bring out the potential sports talents of the students. As a result, many students are taking part in various sports activities. Our institution is well equipped with sports facilities for indoor games and play courts for volley ball, basket ball, shuttle badminton, cricket, etc.
The staff secretary for sports is responsible for organizing all the sports related activities of the institution. The following are some of the activities:

  • Every year an “Annual Sports Meet” is organized in our play ground which helps in bringing out the sports talent of the students. In this meet, all track events and indoor games like carom, chess, table tennis, etc are conducted and the winners are listed out. Apart from these, games like cricket, volley ball, throw ball, shuttle badminton, kabbadi, etc are also conducted in the college premises. The winners in all the above are felicitated by awarding individual medals and certificates during college day celebration.
  • The winners in the Annual Sports Meet are provided with track suits having Institution logo and are nominated to participate in the “State Level Inter Polytechnic Sports Meet” which will be held in any one of the Polytechnics of the Karnataka State.


Sports In-Charge:


Sri. Balakrishna Bhat,

Lecturer, Science Department

Karnataka Govt Polytechnic, Mangalore

Mobile: 9481763152

Email: balakrishnabhat103@gmail.com


Smt. Mamatha N,

Lecturer, Science Department

Karnataka Govt Polytechnic, Mangalore

Mobile: 9740842743

Email: mamatha123devadiga@gmail.com

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